About Windrose Conference Center...

I began formulating an idea of starting a corporate conference center in 1995. In a previous career,Windrose Conference Center in Newberg Oregon: Meetings, Events and Weddings the company I worked for went on a “retreat” (they now call them “advances”) every 6 months, but I was never totally satisfied with our location or amenities.

One day I told myself, “I can do this because I know what businesses want.” In May of 2001 I quit a job I loved, sold my house, founded Windrose and began my dream. The name Windrose comes from 2 factions of my life: I love to grow roses and you will find many rose bushes all around Windrose, and I grew up on a farm in Canby and a “windrow” is a farming term. I took the two words, rose and windrow, and put them together.

When you come to Windrose, I want you to experience a friendly sense of home in a working environment, a care-free space surrounded by an abundance of flowers and the beauty of nature.

Please come and enjoy the smell of daphne and clematis in the spring, roses, jasmine and honeysuckle in the summer, listen to the frogs and birds, and feel the warmth of the cozy fireplace in the winter. You might even see a doe and fawn!

Meet Lynn Weygandt, owner and manager of Windrose

Lynn Weygandt, Owner of WindroseI spent 16 years in the corporate world in high-end fundraising, management and sales. That career gave me great insight into event planning, training, public speaking and an all around experience in dealing with people. Taking those skills and my love of gardening, I combined those things I do best and developed my vocation out of my avocation.

My family has helped me throughout this process, from my parents, their expertise in construction and landscaping, my sisters and their decorating skills to my nephews and their sweat equity.  They all have played a huge part and I couldn’t have done this without them.

I know you will enjoy Windrose as much as I do.